Monday, March 15, 2010

How MANY kids really are too many for a date??

So far, March has only brought two dates. Both dates came by accident (NO, not in that way!!!) and were very diverse to say the least. I seem to have this real tendency to go for the "broke, but complex good looking guys," and, while I'm working hard on eradicating the first part of that description for the future, let me use March date # one as an example. A tall, drop-dead gorgeous, model and actor. But, add to the mix that he had FIVE kids by FOUR different women, and didn't have enough money to put gas in his car (don't even GO there on the car that he actually had!!) you'd think a woman like me would say "so long cowboy," but no, little miss fix-it here stays in it to win it!

I will re-baptize this baby dada as Terence. I bumped into Terence at a Hollywood party two weeks ago, as you do. Everyone there was on the lookout for the next best thing; so much so I decided to sit back and watch the hilarity of it all, parking myself on one of those swishy little white leather sofa things to do so.

Terence was bored too, and came over to rest his (perfectly toned long) legs for a while. As it turned out, I had met Terence once before, last year at another place of ill-repute LOL. Long story short, since I was at the party with one of the heads of an LA news station that night, I had to keep my conversation with "T" on the down-low, but managed to give him my card just before Mr. Newsman came back with a glass of champagne for me. (Well, I felt I had to give him my card, but, just for research purposes you understand.)

T expressed his interest almost immediately, and the next night I found myself getting ready for my 8pm "Date with Terence" at a nearby restaurant/bar. Already knowing that T was a part-time actor, I thought I'd suggest a middle of the road venue, incase, God forbid, he should want to buy me a drink and all that!

Before I go on, let me REALLY describe ole T. He is 6'4", african-american, with model looks and a body to die for. As many of you may know, my ideal (fantasy) man is "The Rock," and T certainly came close. He was exquisite looking, and rather snobby and stand-offish to go with it. A sexy combination. With the aura he put out, I assumed him to be young free and single, so, when I asked him if he was married/had ever been married and got a "no" to both questions, I thought things we looking good. I asked him if he had kids (since he was 38, I mentally prepared myself to hear that perhaps he had one, maybe even two) so, when he hit me with the whole FIVE KIDS thing I've got to be honest I was floored. So floored in fact, that I burst out crying due to shock. It was either that or go throw up, but I didn't want to waste the margharita he had so reluctantly bought for me. Seeing my shocked face, T said, "you're disappointed aren't you." All I could utter was a sheepish, "Yes."

I tried to be rational. I mean, he was still gorgeous (albeit irresponsible and very fertile) and what he did was none of my business, since I was hardly one to talk, let alone judge. And, he had been working that day, boasting a small part (although I am sure NOTHING about T's parts were small) on set with an A-list movie star. So, at least he was working right? However, when the waitress showed us a menu and asked if we wanted to order, he told me he had eaten BEFORE coming to meet me, so we all know what that means, he couldn't afford to offer to buy me dinner. (Too busy working to feed the five kids no doubt!!). At this point I was definitely in dire need of another drink. I desperately needed something stiff. Since T was out of the picture on both counts, I had to look after myself and buy my own.

I have to be honest though, I did end up kissing T - well just for research and all that. I mean, I had to know what had led to all these kids LOL. And yes, he was one hell of a kisser. So much so....and yes, you know what's coming, I arranged to see him again. Strike one, I know.

The next night we all met up with a group of mutual friends (well, I wanted to show him off to my friends if I am brutally honest!) but, when he dropped me back to my hotel in his clunker, and complained that he couldn't use his phone when driving as he couldn't afford to buy a headset, the last laugh was on me. I decided that this struggling artist had enough on his plate, without adding me to the mix, so I bid him adios, as we decided it'd be impossible to 'just' be friends. Shame really, as I am sure he would have been great in the sack, mind you, that's if he even has one. So I'm afraid ladies, I decided not to take my research that far. Hell, I could have ended up with baby number six!!! *rolls eyes.*

Oh well. Upwards and onwards. With T's looks, he should be doing better than he is though, and while I think he needs an new agent, I definitely need a new date.

Although I am trying to break my pattern in choices of men, I did have one more dalliance with the BBG (broke but gorgeous) type shortly afterwards.........

To be continued.......

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