Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When is too young, really too young?

My brother only said, "Why not go for a margharita and a plate of nachos at the Saddle Ranch!" So, always being one to do what I'm told, I went for it. Well, what did I have to lose? Terence had turned out to be a no go....So, "I deserved a bit of fun" I told myself! And, I certainly found it with 'March date #2!'

Fun came in the shape of a funny, cute (but broke) twenty-three year old!!!! I'll call him "Matt" for the sake of this story.

Lets just say that Matt and I certainly caused some damage that night LOL. Hitting the Standard on Sunset, The Sunset Towers, AND the Sky Bar at the Mondrian. From what I remember of it, it was fun though. One of the highlights was bumping into Sean Penn at the Sunset Towers. He seemed moody. I can see why Madonna divorced him.

Although Matt was young gifted and broke, having lost his job and come to LA to 'find himself,' he certainly didn't hesitate to buy the drinks. More than Terence did remember (who actually bothered to write to me saying that 'although he shouldn't have spent the money he didn't have on drinks, that it had been worth it to see me. *Note to readers, he bought ONE round. It was Happy Hour. It only cost him $18!!! Arrghhhh!)

Well, as the evening drew to a close, things got rather heated and while I certainly can't blog about how the night ended (that would be way too much information for you) lets just say that it seems I haven't lost it since I turned the big FOUR-O earlier this year. And, since I did proclaim that 40 would be the new 20, I think it only fitting to hang out with others (i.e. males) in their 20's...right?? I'm certainly living la vida loca! But only for research purposes of course!

To be continued......